NYNY got me hooked

Yeah thats right. This is where it all started back in September of 2006. After a 15 hour plane journey from Scotland in the UK, the limo rolled up at the NYNY and the bellboys were on the case. It will be in your room Fritzy by the time you get there and as promised, it was indeed. First impressions last and to this day, I still talk about that.

But why did I get hooked on this amazing place.

Well, I was in Vegas for a wedding and was part of a big party. We spent many a night in the Big Apple bar which is no more unfortunately and also gambled, and lost, a bit of money. But it was the pre wedding party where everything changed.

After a few beers, everyone slumped off to bed to prepare for the big day and I decided to stay at the tables and try my luck at Poker. 30 minutes later, I was walking away from the table with $1500. If that wasnt good enough a $20 slot machine game turned another ticket for $2250 and the champagne was on me for everyone.

What a lovely start to a wedding day, gifting 7 bottles of champagne to the various rooms of the wedding party and it set us up for what was a fantastic day.

And all thanks to NYNY.

Times Square - Favourite bar in Vegas
Nine Fine Irishman - Love it
Coyote Ugly - Yip

Since that day in September 2006, I just keep coming back and back.

NYNY got me hooked. :-)