_____The 20-Year Itch
Bret Weir________________

With stirrings of passion in years' past, they had closed the gap to twenty years with surprising swift. Sure, the trail has been bumpy here, smooth there, uphill here, screaming downhill there.... but neither would trade the journey for anything.

How do you measure the years when each day is a lifetime? Love is not measured in years, but in moments, experiences, trials and celebrations.

Bret and Carrie are encroaching 20 years of marriage. There are no more secrets, no more surprises - only daily reasons to love each other more than the day before. A life rich with experience, a blessing to each. Raising a daughter together, they have proven to each other that unconditional love is not only possible, but real to them both.

Excitement is now measured by a finely-honed desire to do what we love. A short list of pleasures and experiences that pay high dividends of relaxation, joy and celebration. What better way to celebrate 20 years than by stimulating the economy in Las Vegas! The glittering lights of Las Vegas have been a regular draw for these two over the years, ever since they moved to California. Is it the lights? The shows? No, really it’s the people of Las Vegas – people make the trip worth every dime. Las Vegas reaches their arms out to visitors as occupation, but to those willing to reach back, it becomes short-term relationship. The bartender learns your name if you’re polite. The waitress smiles when you sympathize with her undoubtedly rough shift. The cab driver does his best to get you where you want to go, even when you don’t know where that is!

People are the reason Bret and Carrie return to Las Vegas – and specifically New York New York Hotel & Casino. This trip is no different. The plan? To celebrate 20 years properly. To be “together” again, among the people of Las Vegas, without a care in the world, even if only for a few days.

New York New York offers everything a grown couple needs to relax and celebrate. No doubt, Nine Fine Irishmen will supply entertainment and atmosphere to make the Nine Men proud – and this Irish author’s soul sing with the music. The pints pour smooth, and the menu delightful. A night beginning like none other – with dancing and gambling afoot, the couple wander aimlessly, but not without mission. The mission is to have no aim. To enjoy the people, the sights and the sounds of a piece of New York, snuggled in the Nevada Desert.

MGM properties offers everyone so much – Rok! And Studio54 never disappoint this couple. Once again proving that people make the party – the DJs feel the crowd and keep the bass thumping. Who says 20 years of marriage leads to boredom?

The spa and pool provide needed respite from a night of excitement. Desert sun and cool hydration. Everything a body needs to prepare for ANOTHER NIGHT in Las Vegas!