The Winning Widow
Mary Rouse

When I arrive in Vegas New York New York is my first stop. I find a resturaunt to eat at and then play some slot machines along with Black Jack. Before my husband passed away he started a "family tradition" which included a gift trip to Vegas for my daughter, Tracie and myself. We were both born on the same day in September, 21 years apart. Since my own heart attack and the loss of my husband, it has been difficult to keep up this family tradition. I love going to New York New York. I am planning a comeback trip for my daughter and myself in the spring and look forward to seeing you there. With New York New York's fine resturaunts, gaming tables and slot machines, fabulous entertainment such as Cirque Soile, and friendly staff you are sure to have as much fun as I. I am Irish and enjoy the Irish Pub. I consider myself a winner in many respects, not just on the slot machines or playing Black Jack, but in life in general. I hope to see you all at New York New York, you will know me by the smile on my face.