Rules of Engagement
Jennifer Scott

After 8 years of dating, 3 trips to Las Vegas and 3 failed proposal attempts he finally popped the question....this is the story of how we rocked the New York New York's 2010 Bridge Bash and welcomed the 2011 New Year as an engaged couple.

It was our third trip to Las Vegas and little did I know he had been hidding a little secret. As we explored Las Vegas day and night he was packing little box, waiting for the right moment.

Of course the first day was spent shopping, with the evening full of late night entertainment. The following day he had planned a surprise trip. We entered the rental car and drove for what seemed like hours....finally he let a secret slip....we were going to the Grand Canyon. Oh great! It was the middle of winter, cold and windy & we were going to go outside and see the sights! So I did what any woman would do...complain and nag! Well to his dismay we reached a small town and soon learned that the road to the Grand Canyon was closed due to snow and black ice. Phew! I was relieved to hear we wouldn't be spending hours outside in the freezing cold. (Attempt #1 - FAILED)

We make our way back to Las Vegas. Overhead we see helicopters flying around Hoover Dam and notice more as we enter Las Vegas and head towards the strip. He suggests once the night falls we take a romantic helicopter ride above the strip. I sarcastically respond, immediately dismissing the idea as it was too windy for me to enjoy anything at that height! (ATTEMPT #2 - FAILED)

The next evening he decides to take me to Gallagher's Steak House (NYNY) for a romantic dinner. We sit in a back corner with no one around, dinner is going well, the food is amazing, there is romance in the air. Then as luck would have it a large table of eight is seated across from us, needless to say their loudness killed the mood. (ATTEMPT #3 - FAILED)

The following evening was New Years Eve and we had only one plan for the evening - Bridge Bash 2010! We had heard from others the Bash is the best NYE party in Las Vegas. He had also heard from others that it was cliche and bad luck to propose on NYE. His nervousness was growing and unsure about timing.

Finally as the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2010, the fireworks light up the night sky, confetti falling all around, my lifelong best friend gets on one knee and asks me to marry him.
I could not think of a better way or place to start of lives together.