In Any Other Town...
Jeff Carlson

It was March 2003. One of the fellows in the picture had tickets to the Mountain West Conference basketball finals at UNLV and he got me and two other guys to meet him in Vegas for a few days.

In the course of the visit, my three companions found that it was quite entertaining for them to by me adult beverages when possible, as I became quite the entertainer with each beverage.

One evening, our walks through the city took us to NYNY. The part of the walkway made to look like the Brooklyn Bridge was closed for some reason and two of Vegas’ finest were making sure no one used the walkway. As we approached, one of my buddies asked if we could cross because we didn’t want to take a long way around. One of the officers said No.

All at once, I had an idea. I asked both officers, “If I threw a punch at one of you, could you drag us across?”

They laughed.

In any other town, I’d be writing this from a cell between dance lessons…