Married to the Clan in Las Vegas
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Today is a date to remember... October 22nd 2012 New York New York Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.
The memorable day two clans from Scotland become one!
6 weeks before: Were getting married in Vegas.. Congratulations says me! Caroline’s Brother Gerry is coming to be Best Man.. We want you to come... Bridesmaid I hear.. OMG Really??? There are other people to consider! Much debate and wine before we finally agree
"David, Caroline, Gerry and I are going to a Vegas Wedding Baby!” Well a traditional dress Scottish Wedding in Las Vegas..
The countdown begins.. Panic I soon realise I'm dealing with the most laid back Bride ever.. Perfect candidate for "Don't tell the Bride" a programme where the Groom organises everything in secret! I on the other hand turn to a quivering wreck as I have only gone and agreed to do the Bride's hair and Make-up on the day! The boys – Oblivious!
Pressure: David has already set the stage.. 4 cities on one wedding day.. Leave New York by Limo, Married in Las Vegas, Gondola ride in Venice, Lunch in Paris before heading back to New York to Party! I just have Caroline to look after..
Travel day: Do we have everything? Thank goodness for scheduled airlines we needed the baggage allowance. Taxis booked, family assembled to wave us off we agree to be good.. good to live it up to the full maybe! David has booked a Limo to the airport as a surprise for the wedding party.. Champagne flows even though its only 9 am!
Las Vegas: Is lights and Bling! 10 minutes from the airport and the hotel was in sight and doesn’t disappoint. New York New York welcomes us.. Rooms are spacious, hotel well laid out, 24 hour facilities.. Gambling and drinking.. Result! The time difference means it’s the middle of the night for us but Vegas is early evening and the strip draws us in to its wonderland.. Sadly just after midnight we head to bed exhausted..
Jet Lag: Boy we didn’t count on that.. after only 4 hours sleep the body clock has other ideas I was in the shower at 4.30am and out the door by 5am.. expecting the hotel to be deserted I was surprised at the number of people still gambling.. This really was a city that never sleeps.. Lights remain on in darkness unlike NYC I’ve been and checked.. Sunrise on the strip was magical as the sun reflected from Mandalay Bay.. Returning to the hotel the rest of the wedding party were up and about gambling!
Wedding Licence: Downtown: our early rise meant we had time to spare so distracted by hotels on the strip we started our walk downtown.. Cosmopolitan hotel 8.06am we started the day as we had the day before.. this time Mojito’s and $36 richer thanks to Caroline! The walk stretched before us.. Oblivious to the distance we kept going.. Some amazing finds on the way.. $1 drinks in a casino.. Pawn stars Location.. Downtown Vegas sign.. Wedding Chapel we would use.. Jailhouse.. finally the Courthouse some 4 hours later.. would we trade the walking trip for Taxis.. No! What an experience..
October 22nd has many significances.. Polar opposite emotions.. Its Caroline’s Birthday.. a sad reminder of the day she was born.. Celebrations normally ensue, however Caroline avoids celebration.. She was adopted and reminds her of the birth mother who gave her away.. David turned that on its head in 2011 we celebrate in our family.. he proposed to Caroline on her Birthday.. she now has happiness on her special day and now the day she stands in Las Vegas and marries David!
The day two clans become one: Wedding Day: October 22nd 2012: 8am and the day begins.. not exactly we lose and hour! I have cards from family members for them both.. 9am and the preparation begins.. Boys banished the transformation begins.. Caroline sits and a pile of presents before her.. well what bride doesn’t need a little tradition on her wedding day.. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.. Tears flow.. Champagne flows.. I’m touched by Caroline’s reaction to the gesture.. The boys are more organised than us and head down stairs to one of the hotel bars.. David is always early more than punctual.. when he knocks on the door for us 15 mins before the Limo is due Caroline and I stand in our underwear.. we still have dresses to climb into.. does he not know it’s a Brides prerogative to be late! Caroline looks nervous for the first time as I lace her dress in the back.. She looks stunning.. I can’t resist taking a few pictures for her as I have done all morning.. after all our clans are at home wondering how our day is going.. social media keeps them part of the proceedings.. I’m careful only to use Facebook as the Groom doesn’t have an account and won’t know how she looks until we open the door!
Surprisingly as we walk through the hotel in our very best wedding outfits no one bats an eyelash at us.. Its such a common occurrence.. The traditional Kilt the boys wear do get a few sideward glances but no eye contact! We head to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for the service which I learn later lasted 6 mins and 48 seconds… our poor clans were assembled in front of Lap tops and TVs across the land..
Time for a quick photograph at the hotel entrance as we wait for our Limo.. Caroline looks a million dollars.. The boys are very handsome in their kilts and I feel pretty glamorous myself! We certainly look like a wedding party.. I look to David dashing in his Kilt and relaxed. I wonder where his nerves are. Gerry and I appear to be more nervous than the Bride and Groom..
The wedding chapel keep us calm and we walk through what will happen next.. Forms signed, fee paid and we are separated.. Caroline and I are standing hidden by the foliage.. I hear her breathing becoming more intense in time with mine.. we both exhale at the same time.. I turn to her.. we both smile and shout “Showtime” and laugh.. It helps were more relaxed and I’m walking to meet Gerry and walk to the Gazebo.. Caroline follows and David is waiting.. they start their journey together from that moment!
The Time is Now: I now pronounce you Las Vegas newest married couple.. well for the next 20 minutes or so! In that moment the champagne glasses were raised in Scotland, England and Australia.. Clan Morrison has a new member… Caroline Keating and David Morrison became Mr and Mrs Morrison.
Its thirty more minutes before we are dropped off at The Venetian Hotel for our Gondola ride and more importantly a celebratory drink to Mr and Mrs Morrison.. The gondola ride.. Perfectly romantic for a wedding day.. kissing under the bridges is good luck! That’s where the civilised wedding stopped and the hilarity began..
We stepped from one of the most romantic hotels to the strip where our next stop was the $1 a drink casino.. who could resist? On the way in I was given vouchers for two drinks for a dollar my day was getting ridiculous.. Having consumed a bottle of champagne for breakfast with Caroline and three more in the hotel food was required.. Paris I hear you say.. No!
The kilts and the dress were attracting more attention as we were now out of hotels and on the strip for what became some fabulous photo opportunities.. Trevi fountain.. Bellagio Musical Fountains.. Paris Hotel.. The strip.. Mandarin bar..
First Dance: Duelling Piano’s: Quick change of shoes for the Bride and I.. Party time back at the hotel.. In the wee small hours we all head to Bed..
Pact made: We return to celebrate a wedding of the future and catch all the things we’d promised to do.. after all our lives are entwined from now.. Bride, Groom, Best man and Bridesmaid responsibilities
Memories to last a life time.. A special connection with Las Vegas made.. Stories to embellish and tell for years to come.. Vegas is in our hearts!