The All-Weekender
Gill Grylls

Years ago there was a social media site my friends and I once spent all of our free time on. We knew it as TA. A community where we would upload our daily lives via photo blog for all to see. Making friends there was quite easy. We decided to start having meet and greets where we could all meet up in a selected city and just have fun and drink the weekend away. Many had been done but we figured to hold true to the Vegas tradition, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," we decided to throw a MNG there. The time was set for January 2006.

I had booked my flight just a few weeks before the scheduled meet up. I work in the music industry and I had been home relaxing after a long tour. Been making plans to move to Los Angeles but first I wanted to meet with all these friends in Vegas to see just how wild they were. I was in for it! We would spend hours online and on the phone on weekends doing conference calls. Mostly at this time preparing ourselves for Vegas. What would we do? Where would we go?

I flew in to Vegas Thursday evening. My friend Richard was already there. We was going to share a room. All of our other friends were driving from San Diego and another was flying in from Chicago. Basically we spent that Thursday night just roaming the hotels and getting drunk in the hotels. Watching people blow their life savings away on that chance to make it rich. I remember one guy who in the elevator said he had just enough money to buy the six pack of beer he had because he was literally broke! "My wife is going to kill me man." Sheesh! I dont think I could blow my cash entirely on gambling. We went to the casino to register for our Players Club cards and hit the slots. My friend Rich played some poker or was it blackjack? Eh! I think I lost about $20 on the slots and he lost about $300 or so at the table. It was pretty late so we hit up a restaurant still open at Treasure Island and had a sandwich. Quite a boring Thursday night. The fun was still to come when everyone else made it in. We had been waiting for our friend Shack to arrive. He is what we would call our ring leader! The man behind our madness. We called ourselves the TA Mafia. We looked like one too. Bunch of thugs!

So Friday morning came quick. We were awaken early in the morning by another friend, Carlos. A bodybuilder and former Marine from Dallas area. He flew in last minute. Talk about being pissed but we let him in the room. I think he had plans to meet up with a female that night too for sex. The guy attracts women like crazy ya know!

Slowly we got up and took our showers and got dressed. We decided to take to the streets again and roam all we could. My feet hurt so much after that day. I'd say we walked about 10 miles or more. Although I do recall taking a cab from Bellagio to MGM Grand. It was about 2 or 3pm and we had decided to have lunch at Chipotle. My first time there. We had recieved texts from everyone else that they arrived and was ready to party. We eventually made our way back to the hotel after taking pictures and such to get ready for the party. Too long of a walk so we had to take a cab to the party. For me it was pretty simple, jeans with my leather jacket and t-shirt. I looked like a reject from The Outsiders lol.

We finally made our way to the hotel for the party and we had trouble finding the room. Well we were already drinking ya know! We finally made it to the room after being confused with the stupid elevators. The room was at the end of the hall. A huge suite just for us! The man behind the website we all enjoyed paid for the suite. Chris always was in Vegas. He would go there just to blow money and party. So it was fitting that the owner of the website came to party with the wildest of the bunch! We knocked on the door and behold the party was getting started.

The liquor and beer began to flow. Upon walking in we were greeted with a drink and it didnt take long for Rich to drop his glass and break it spilling crown royal all over the place. Shack was already drunk as hell. We all took shots of liquor and gorged ourselves with whatever party trays had just been delievered.

We had a cake although I cant remember what else the occasion was. A birthday perhaps. Somehow the idea of spanking the ladies came to mind. Then everyone else got spanked. And something called monkey punches were thrown. I was drunk the hell if i knew. Someone dared me to chug a half a bottle of Crown. So my drunk ass did. Pics to prove it showed up. Of course then everyone was mad so my friend Carlos and I had the task of going downstairs to find the liquor store and buy more. I think that fiasco took about an hour and half. We found the liquor store with no problem. Well ok with a little assistance from the hotel staff. We bought two bottles and some cigars. We roamed the hotel for what seemed like hours drunk as fook and stumbling everywhere. I think we spent an hour just looking for the hotel suite. Our stupidity we forgot the room number and had to call to find out. Then we forgot again. We knocked on doors of angry people. "Thaaaaats not it!!!" lol. We finally found the room and by that time everyone was completely toasted. They asked me to chug another so of course I did. Someone pulled out some weed and all hell broke loose. I didnt have any but yeah....What happens in Vegas definitely stays there!!

The party moved from the suite to Shack's hotel room where we also made our way to the casino floor to try our luck. Chris asked me to throw the dice at the craps table. I made him about $20,000 and in the next roll lost it. He was like, "its ok man I got more money." damn! I spilled a drink on the edge of the craps table and it was just insane. I think they wanted us to get lost. We went back to the room and we were sitting around drinking and smoking....cigarettes that is. Someone we started doing interviews and the evening turned into a late night talk show. The Shackstone Show. Since we all had just met we decided to interview each other while drunk. The crap we said was well......insane.

Carlos had got too drunk and needed to get back to the room so I had to leave and catch a cab back to our hotel so I could take him back to rest. He was almost ready to start fights with guys. That took about another hour. Somehow once I got back everyone started disappearing one by one. I made my way back to the room eventually and Rich stayed there because he was too drunk. Keystone who is our friend from Chicago stayed there as well. Another friend from Arizona, Tony stayed behind as well.

The next morning I was in the room alone. Carlos ran off to be with his booty call and Rich stayed behind with everyone else. Glad I didnt stay. the next morning some of them woke up with black marker all over their faces. One I think had a penis. Whoa! Broken glasses, cigarette butts, spilled drinks, thrown panties, mattresses nearly on the floor.....damn!

That day we recovered before gathering again for another round. It happened all over again before they all left Sunday morning. I stayed behind an extra day. Relaxed in my room at the NYNY. Hit up a few strip clubs and by monday i was on my way home. A meet and greet gone way out of hand. It was one to talk about for years to come. We still talk about doing it all over again. After seeing the movie the Hangover our madness needs to happen again!!! In due time!!!