The Kilt, A Celtic Feis Love Story
Adrienne Medrano

The day was finally here! After a long Facebook count down, St. Paddy’s Day, March 17th was here! I was going to Celtic Feis at Nine Fine Irishmen. It’s a very special place for me because two years ago at the Nine Fine Irishmen, a man in a kilt at Celtic Feis stole my heart. He might as well have ripped it from my chest and rode away like William Wallace because my life has never been the same.

He was from New Jersey and I was a California girl. I noticed him right away. How could I miss him with that great big green and white striped hat, Guinness Jersey, green kilt and sexy legs! He looked like the life of the party and I had to go meet him. I had to say “Hello” to this giant leprechaun-like pied piper of the night. All sorts of people were taking pictures with him and he was handing out beads and little green rubber duckies with shamrocks all over them. It was quite a sight. With Sin e Ri-Ra blasting away with “Whisky in the Jar” I took a swig of my Guinness and made my way over to him.

“Hi, you look great! Can I get a picture with you?” I said.
“Sure” as he turned and put his arm around me.

I handed my camera to my sister and she snapped a quick picture. I thanked him and he gave me one of those cute little rubber duckies. It made my night. It was a small gesture, but I had a feeling that little duckie meant something more for me. It was like a good luck charm or something. We parted ways; I went back to my group and he to his.

The next day I went back to the Nine Fine Irishmen with my family to soak up some more Irish music and see what shenanigans we could get into. We quickly found ourselves a great table right by where the band would be playing. I made my way to the bar to gets some drinks for our table when I noticed him. He was standing at the bar with friends, still in his kilt, still with his sexy legs, just not the St. Paddy’s Day garb on from the night before. I couldn’t believe he was here again. Of course I had to say “Hi” so I forged my spot next to him at the bar to order my drinks.

“Hey, didn’t I take my picture with you last night?” I said.
“Yes, you did…now it’s my turn.” He whipped out his camera, handed it to his friend and he took our picture.

I thought it was so sweet that he wanted a picture of me too. We started chatting a bit and he told me his name was Bryan and he was from New Jersey, “I’m Adrienne,” I said. See, I was born in New Jersey so we easily made our way through a variety of topics from me living in Edison, NJ to how he has two Newfoundland dogs and I have a Bassetdoodle. He was a pastry chef and I am an artist. I found him to be like a delicious parfait…he had many layers to him it seemed. He was a solider in the Navy, but also a pastry chef. He likes hunting, fishing, outdoorsy stuff but can decorate a cake for a baby shower. He was so easy to talk to and I found him adorable. We spent most of the night talking and he came over and sat with my family and talked with them as well. When the pub closed up for the night we parted ways after a quick exchange of Facebook friends status. He was off to catch is plane back to Jersey in the morning and I would be heading home as well.

We kept in touch through Facebook and said it would be fun to see each other again next year at Celtic Feis at the Nine Fine Irishmen. Over the next year we became much more interested in each other. We had so much in common. We had both gone through long hard marriages. We had both been heartbroken and betrayed in those marriages. He was married 18 years and I for 21. It was so refreshing to meet somebody like him. Somebody who seemed to “get” me. I wasn’t a big fan of online relationships but it was really the only way I could get to know him. He was 3000 miles away! Our Facebook relationship turned to Skype. Thank God for Skype! I finally had a way to see him, feel closer to him. After a few months, I decided I would go visit him in New Jersey. We had a wonderful weekend and grew even closer. Throughout that year we both made trips across country to be together. Each time we parted it was horrible. I hated leaving him. It seemed like every time I left him he kept a chuck of my heart.

St. Paddy’s Day was approaching again! I started my Facebook countdown again! We were going to meet at the New York, New York and spend St. Paddy’s Day together at Celtic Feis. We were so excited to see each other again and party at the place we first met. It was our one-year anniversary! He put on his great big green and white striped hat, Guinness Jersey, green kilt and sexy legs. It was like old times except this time I had a matching kilt that he got me for Christmas. It was so cute with the same tartan as his. We made our way down to The Nine Fine Irishmen, grabbed a couple of Guinness and listened to Sin e Ri Ra getting the party going. We saw some people from the year before and quickly became friends. We started to realize that this place was special, this was our place. It’s where we first met, from two states with an entire country between them and here we are a year later, together. We drank, we danced, we sang, we laughed at all the craziness from the green tutu bachelorette party girls to the group of about ten men dressed in matching leprechaun costumes. We had a blast…from the drinks to the music, it was brilliant.

It was that dreaded time again, for us to part ways. That big fat country between us again. Time difference between us makes things tough too. It was back to Skype again. We spoke everyday. Bryan never missed an opportunity to talk to me, even if it meant staying up way late just to see me for 20 minutes. He’s an incredible man. One day, things changed. Bryan told me he wanted to be with me. He wanted to come to California and see what we could make of this relationship. He was willing to leave his life in Jersey, his family and friends to be with me and give “us” a shot. I was speechless. I was scared, but everything within me was telling me that he was the one. What if he moved out here and it didn’t work out? What if he hates it here? Will I feel guilty if things didn’t go as planned? We talked through all this and he assured me it was a risk he was willing to take.

After a few months of planning and job searching Bryan found his spot here in California. He packed up his life, and his two Newfoundland dogs into his Jeep and started the cross-country drive. He was starting a new life with me. It was all so exciting and scary too. When he pulled up in front of my house about five days later, it was surreal. I couldn’t believe this man had just moved 3000 miles so he could date me. We found him an apartment and he settled into his new career.

Things like this don’t just happen, they are crafted in some way by I don’t know who, but I think there is some divine intervention there somewhere. That great big green and white striped hat, Guinness Jersey, green kilt and sexy legs were designed in a way that I wouldn’t miss him on that first St. Paddy’s Day.

This year, in 2013, we were back at Nine Fine Irishmen for Celtic Feis. The Guinness was flowing and the music was jumping. The familiar faces from the previous years were smiling and singing. Beads and duckies were making their way around the crowd. Our friends and family were there too. We celebrated our two years together, at our place. It was magical. The best part about it?

This time we get to go home together.