We All Fall Down
Autumn Fawn

Spring Break. This is the busiest time of year for me. I hadn't had a day off in almost a month. Then the calm after the storm. I worked until 6 then went home and packed. I tried to go to bed early, but was thwarted by my excitement. When my alarm buzzed at 3 am I was still awake. We made it through security and waited til 6:00 for our plane to leave. The air sizzled with anticipation. Everyone wore green.

St. Patrick's Day: the holiest of all drinking days for those who take communion at the church of the rock gods. We land in Vegas at 8:47 am local time.

The car is a convertible Mustang. I wish they had blue, but I'll settle for black with white stripes.

And we're off to New York. The Vegas strip stretches before us. Everything looks so close from the luxury of the driver's seat. I've pounded that pavement and know better though.

We pay extra for early check in. My room has a four leaf clover jetted tub. I take a soak and a nap and am ready to face the day...Or get through the day and enjoy the night!

Nine Fine Irishman. I love this place. I plan to spend an evening there every time I'm in Vegas. This time it's conveniently located just downstairs. RiRa is playing, they're my favorite! I drop a few bucks and request a few songs. I marvel at the step dancer. I take a few shots.

And the guy at the bar is amazed that I can shoot whiskey. So he buys me one. His friend gets back from the bathroom and is equally amazed, so he buys me another. I convince them to buy a shot for my brother.

And then I'm craving Guinness. I rarely drink beer: mainly because the beers I like are the drinking equivalent of a loaf of bread and my hips don't need to get any wider.

But it's the holiest of all drinking nights, and I decide to throw caution to the wind.

Somehow I have beads. Guys keep asking me for a kiss, and I oblige. The guy at the bar keeps buying me shots,so does his friend.

It's crowded, but not Mosh pit crazy. The culture here is different than in other Churches of the Rock Gods. I don't assume that the person next to me will randomly lash out like in a pit, I don't assume that the person in front of me will randomly be above me crowd surfing. I do fear that the blond next to me is about to lose her cookies all over my dress, especially given that her guy just spilled his beer down my back. But they're smiling, so it's hard to be mad.

And the band is playing my song, so I bop and bounce and scream along. My voice will pay for this tomorrow. I want a cigar, but don't want to forfeit my spot to go outside.

I have a Guinness instead.

I've lost count, and the band is on break... and here come the lovely gents who have been plying me with liquor for hours on end. They ask for a kiss and I oblige. They begin to argue over who I'm going upstairs with (as though I weren't standing right next to them).

I accidentally sabotage my brother and the cute brunette he's talking to.

“Man, you gotta get me outta here. I need to go back to my room.”

And in the end, we all fall down.

But I had a jetted four leaf clover tub to greet me in the morning.